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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get the most! If you still need help, please contact us by phone or text at 432-695-6984*, or by emailing** *Note SMS data rates may apply when texting for support. You can text STOP at any time you wish to no longer receive messages from Found Furnishings. We can be slower to reply to emails, so calling & texting is usually the best way to reach us quickly.

Consignment & Buyouts


Consigned items must be delivered to Found ready to sell. That means they must be clean, with no damage or odors. Consignors receive 50% of the sale price. The percentage is slightly smaller if the item sells via credit card, to cover merchant fees. We charge fees for items that require cleaning or repair, and reserve the right to refuse your items if they have problems that were not described accurately.

Consigning at Found is a little different than other shops. We don’t have a set schedule for markdowns. Instead, we discuss your minimum price before the item reaches the store, and we lower it as needed to sell the item, evaluating each item as it spends time in our storefront. If the item is not receiving any customer attention despite markdowns, we will ask you if you would like to go lower or retrieve your item.

While your items are in our store, they must not be available for sale elsewhere, such as online marketplaces. You are free to advertise your items and refer potential buyers to our store to purchase the item.


Sometimes, you need us to pick it up. Sometimes it’s a project. Sometimes you just need to wash your hands of it. We offer less for items we buy outright, but you get paid right away and don’t have to move it, clean it or repair it. 

We are always growing our network of pickers, so if you love to shop but don’t have room in your house for anything else, get in touch via text at 432-695-6984.

We are selective about the items we buy and consign. We primarily deal in vintage and antique items, so if your items are more recent, we are less likely to bring them in. We look for funky and unusual items. There are certain things we are always looking for, and other items we have a hard time selling and will rarely buy.

If you think your items fit that description, we ask that you text us at 432-695-6984 (preferred) or email us at and include the following details:

  • Photo of the items
  • Any relevant details you can provide, such as age, brand name, condition (do the drawers work well? Does it have any weird smells or veneer damage?)
  • Asking price (even if it’s only a ballpark, this helps us know immediately if we are on the same page!)

We will get back to you within a few days once we have had a chance to look over your items and reach a consensus. We appreciate your patience. If you need a quicker answer, please call us during business hours and ask us to check the email. We answer texts more promptly.

What kind of things do you buy?

There’s no single style or perspective. Our store features a range of styles, from mid-century modern and industrial to quirky antiques and farmhouse, but they all speak to us. We look for pieces with personality and potential.

Things we are almost always looking for:

  • Mid-century modern
  • Dressers & chests of drawers
  • Solid wood vintage items in excellent condition
  • Matching sets of nightstands, upholstered and dining chairs, and end tables
  • Lockers and signs
  • Bookshelves and bookcases (solid wood & metal)
  • Art that "speaks to us" (I know, that's annoyingly vague, but if you've seen our store, you might know what kind of things we look for and what sells well. We prefer original and limited edition art.)

Things we always pass on:

  • Particle board or cheaply made items
  • Time intensive projects (we already have too many)
  • Appliances such as stoves (if we don’t know how to fix it, we don’t buy it)
  • Record players that need repairs
  • Overstuffed furniture, recliners, and most contemporary furniture
  • Items from homes with pet, smoke or mothball odors

Things we have a hard time selling but sometimes make exceptions for, depending on the item:

  • Dishes
  • Large display pieces, and entertainment centers
  • Beds and headboards, especially full size
  • Rugs
  • Glass top tables
  • Lighting

We also sell a carefully curated selection of handmade and custom built items from local artisans. Space is limited!

We prefer items that our customers can’t find anywhere else over trendy, crafty items. We have stocked items ranging from hand-crafted, reclaimed wood furniture, mosaic bullet guitars and upcycled lighting made from industrial metal items.

If you sell your items elsewhere, they must be competitively priced in our store. We offer consignment and we also stock wholesale items. Feel free to text us information about your work and we can go from there.


Partners include Plane & Chisel, Pearly Gates Design, Bumper's Garage & Linus the Troll. 

General Inquiries

Our storefront is fully open! Come shop with us from 12-3 every Thurs, Fri & Sat.

SHOPPING APPOINTMENTS: If our limited hours do not work for you, please text us at 432-695-6984 to book an appointment. We are balancing work and family, but will do our best to accommodate you and are often in the store outside of our normal hours.

IN-STORE & CURBSIDE PICKUP: You are welcome to come in to pick up your online purchase, but if you would like to pick up curbside, please call the number on the door and we will run your items out to your vehicle. For large items, we appreciate being notified before you come so that we can have your items ready to load.

PICKUP WITHIN 7 DAYS: Due to limited space in our small storefront, we require pickup within 7 days. Please contact us in advance if you would like to discuss exceptions. We try to be as firm as possible with this policy, as it allows us to continue to bring in new inventory, rather than becoming an unpaid storage facility. This helps us make enough profit to keep our doors open. Thank you for your understanding. 

We are happy to ship small items as long as we have boxes available. We are happy to work with UShip delivery drivers for your large delivery needs, but please reach out first.

DELIVERY: We do not offer delivery, but we recommend Mi Familia Affordable Movers if you need to arrange delivery on large items. You can find them on Google.

Our items are measured Width Depth Height to the nearest quarter inch.

Tables with leaves will show a variable width, for example: 54-100 (w) x 40.5 (d) x 30 (h).

Sometimes art does not include a depth, but we can provide it if you need to know.

We do our best to be accurate, and measure to the furthest outer measurements. Complicated measurements might be further explained in the product description, and we try to add items for scale, such as LPs on a shelf, for more clarification.

If you have specific questions about an item, please text us at 432-695-6984. We keep measuring tapes on the store counter for in-store measuring.


Ask us if you’re looking for something specific, as we have offsite storage as well as some offsite consignments.

We also might have recently been offered a piece you're looking for. Sometimes we might pass on an item someone offers us, unless we know you’re looking! The best way to reach out is via text, at 432-695-6984.

Cliche answer: if we told you, we’d have to kill you.

Seriously, though, we’re not gonna draw you a map, but our inventory comes from a variety of sources. Sometimes we get lucky and a fine citizen emails us with something they can’t use anymore. We also consign. 

Most of the time, we scour local, statewide and cross-country sources for interesting vintage and antique pieces that catch our eye. Whenever we are traveling, we try to take a van or trailer. You can follow along with our adventures on our Instagram stories for the freshest picks. 

We are also growing our network of pickers, so shout out to those of who send us tips and consign with us as a side hustle!


We're sorry, we do not allow customers to take item homes to test out. We offer multiple photos and detailed measurements for you to have as much information as possible to make your decision ahead of time. We are all sales final, and we appreciate your understanding.

We know it is sometimes hard to imagine an item in your space, and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes. It works best for our business not to have items coming and going. There are many talented local designers if you need a professional opinion ahead of making your decision. We also recommend blue tape and using similarly sized items to gauge scale in your space before purchasing an item, and we welcome you to come into the store with pillows, etc. for color matching.


NO TO ALL OF THESE, SORRY! We are a small operation and unable to offer these services.

Custom Painting & Refinishing

We are no longer offering these service. Our storefront and online sales have grown so incredibly, and are keeping us too busy. We will continue to refinish pieces for our storefront as time permits. We still sell Maison Blanche Furniture Paint to our DIY-er customers.

If you drop us a text at 432-695-6984, we can pass along info for a couple of local painters who have given us their numbers to share.


As of January 2019, we no longer rent furniture. While we know vintage rentals would be a welcome addition to Midland’s growing economy, we do not have the time necessary to continue this venture. Our storefront and online sales have grown so incredibly, and we appreciate your support!


We do not offer in-house upholstery services, nor do we have a referral. If you know an upholsterer you'd recommend in the area, we would love to know.

Appraisals & Estate Sales

We are happy to shop from your estates and liquidations, but we are far too busy to add “running estate sales” to our list of services. We are sure you will be able to find one elsewhere, as there are many local companies doing a great job. We've seen them at work and we know it is a difficult job! 

We do not offer appraisals, either.


We are having issues with out shipping calculator and apologize for the high quotes!***

We currently ship small items, and by that, we mean items for which we have boxes in stock. You will be given an option at checkout to ship if shipping is available on your items. We will always combine shipping when possible to save you money! 

We have done our best to calculate shipping accurately, but if your shipping rate is drastically higher than the actual price to ship, we will send a partial refund. We can also invoice you for the correct shipping price if you want to send us your address, shipping carrier preference, and items you're interested in.

For large items, or items we are unable to ship, we have had out of state customers using UShip with no complaints. We are happy to meet UShip drivers by appointment, so please reach out to coordinate via text at 432-695-6984.

More about our shipping policy here.

Why is shipping so expensive?

***We will always ship your items as affordably as we can, with discounted rates via UPS or USPS.

Unfortunately, we are having issues with Shopify displaying an accurate estimated shipping. We issue refunds for shipping overages, but if you would like a more accurate rate quote ahead of time, please text us at 432-695-6985 with your shipping address and the items you're interested in. We can invoice you via Shopify for the correct amount.

(As an example, I've had items that cost $12 to ship show an estimated $50 shipping quote!)

As we don't ship large items such as furniture, or items we cannot source a box for, we recommend looking into U-Ship. We have had a few customers use them to transport large items across the country.

The website isn't allowing shipping, even on small items.

We are happy to ship small items! Every single item we upload must have dimensions added manually to allow shipping, and every now and then an item (or a few items) get overlooked. Please let us know if you get this error and we will get that fixed for you.