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Drifting Puzzle
Drifting Puzzle

Drifting Puzzle

Fred & Friends
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If you're going to spend time putting a puzzle together, let it be beautiful! This high quality puzzle was designed by artist Dani Pendergast.


The Fred Artist Series includes a variety of 500 and 1000 piece puzzles - all made to the highest quality standards. Each 2mm thick ribbon-cut puzzle is made of 90% recycled material and printed with soy-based inks with an anti-glare finish. Packed in a resealable bag with minimal dust, the puzzles include a reference insert tucked into each sturdy and attractive box.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Dani Pendergast is an illustrator from Parkland, Florida, and is currently based in San Jose, California. She's interested in narratives that touch on identity, and those of magical places that spark a feeling of wonder are among her favorites. In her work, she aims to evoke a poetic, and at times eerie, quality by using surreal solutions, bold colors, and thoughtful line-work.  

  • Brand = Fred & Friends
  • Size = 16.5x22.5
  • Color = Multi-Color

Item Number: 859-5

Item ID: 18664

Category: Puzzle