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Shaka Sign Brass Hand
Shaka Sign Brass Hand

Shaka Sign Brass Hand

Found Furnishings
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To make the Shaka, the three middle fingers are curled while the thumb and baby finger are extended.  “Hang loose,” “Right on,” “Thank you,” “Things are great,” and “Take it easy”.  The Shaka hand sign expresses all these friendly messages and more.   

These sculptures are created in brass using the ancient process of lost wax casting and then are polished by hand to achieve a high gloss finish. The bottom of each sculpture is felted to protect any surface.

Each sculpture comes in an organic cotton drawstring bag. Additionally, a reusable polishing cloth and a microfiber cleaning cloth are included to polish the sculpture if desired.  


  • Size = 6x2x6
  • Brand = Found Furnishings
  • Type = Hand

Item Number: 2414-8

Item ID: 25933

Category: Figurine