Walnut Magnetic Hanging Frame

Walnut Magnetic Hanging Frame

Dolan Geiman
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Solid walnut wood hanger works like a clamp to frame art prints with magnets. This float frame alternative allows retailers to rotate art prints on display without the hassle of traditional frames. Includes instructions, and string so frame is ready-to-hang off nail., plus hardware for mounting directly to the wall. Please contact us to custom order sizes not in stock.

17” Fits prints 13"-16" wide 21” Fits prints 20" wide 25” Fits prints 24" wide 27” Fits prints 26" wide 31” Fits prints 30" wide 33” Fits prints 32" wide 37" Fits prints 35-36" wide 44" Fits prints 40"-43.

Item Number: 9-6

Item ID: 15031

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